Online selling of Rosaries

Prayer recitation is guided by the rosary. In ancient times and, more precisely, in the Middle Ages, it was customary to place a roses crown over the Virgin Mary’s statues: from such habit derives, simbolically, the use of the necklace of grains when reciting the rosary.

Rosaries, as well as the grains and the cross, may be made in different forms and of different materials.
Rosaries are manufactured with resistent and more or less precious materials such as crystal, silver, hard stones, wood, gold and other materials.

Through the rosary faithful are able to keep track of the number of prayers, by making the grains of the “Rosary crown” slide through their fingers, while reciting their prayers in native language or in latin.

Rosary may be recited individually, but originates as collective use for the faithful who gather together to pray.

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