There are many ways to prove one’s devotion and attachment to the Christian community, as well as the love that is felt for God. Not everyone, however, needs to be overly serious or in any case to impose an heavy spiritual concentration at all times. It is legitimate, but also desirable in some cases, to live one’s religiosity with carefree zest for life. From this point of view one must take into consideration that the below described items as not exactely sacred, but at any rate they contain a religious theme.

An “item” which is seldom associated to spirituality is the t-shirt. And yet, as it doesn’t make sensation to wear a t-shirt depicting a celebrity from the show business, in the same way it shouldn’t make sensation even to wear a t-shirt depicting a religious theme. After all, in both cases it originates from an identification process that, in a sense, elevates the source of inspiration.

St. Peter’s Gallery is well aware of such dynamics and submits some fascinating t-shits portraying religious themes.