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Plates are always a recurring element among the gift and souvenir objects, particularly among the souvenir items whose purpose is to valorise and fix over time memories of a journey or of an experience, but at the same time to represent a gift idea for family and friends.

St. Peters’ Gallery offers a great variety of plates engraved with religious and Capitoline subjects. All models exhibit a craftsmanship aspect, and are the result of a remarkable creativity and unusual artisan knowledge. Their value, therefore, is high both from the material point of view as well as the symbolic one.

They certainly represent a gift idea to appreciate, therefore a good impression is assured, Take a look at the offer of plates engraved with religious and Capitoline painting shown at St. Peter’s Gallery. Taking into consideration the great variety of models (concerning both the materials as well as the aesthteics), you’ll undoubtedly find a model to your own taste.

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