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Mosaic art between tradition and modernity

Galleria San Pietro offers a unique and diverse experience in the world of mosaic art. Specializing in the creation of sacred artworks, panoramas and portraits, our Mosaic Gallery aims to preserve and reinterpret the thousand-year tradition of mosaic art in a contemporary context.

Key Activities

  • Holy art
    The gallery presents a collection of mosaics inspired by religious and sacred themes, blending artistic mastery and spirituality. Works which, in addition to the iconic representations of our Lord and Mary, include depictions of saints, biblical scenes and religious symbols.
  • History, views, nature and more
    The wide range of artworks includes mosaics that capture the beauty of Rome’s cityscapes, as well as detailed portraits of historical or contemporary figures. In the same way they reproduce in mosaic works by modern and contemporary artists of great fame, or, again, they portray the beauty of nature with floral or faunal representations. These mosaics combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary creativity.
  • Personalized portraits
    Personalized portraits can be created upon request ( click here to request a quote).


saint peter mosaic gallery shop online category holy


Sacred mosaics: timeless art, which combines devotion and craftsmanship, illuminates spiritual narratives in fine marble tiles.

saint peter mosaic gallery shop online category modern art

Modern Art

Mosaic reproductions of famous paintings: each tile brings iconic art to life, creating timeless replicas with intricate detail.

saint peter mosaic gallery shop online category nature


Floral and animal wonders in mosaic, where each tile contains and synthesizes the essence of nature’s beauty.

saint peter mosaic gallery shop online category portrait


Mosaic Celebrities: Each tile intricately interweaves fame and artistry, immortalizing iconic figures with timeless appeal.

saint peter mosaic gallery shop online category historic


History is transformed into mosaic tales: each tile preserves and reproduces the ancient glory of Rome, intertwining past and present.

saint peter mosaic gallery shop online category monument


By capturing the grandeur of iconic monuments, our mosaics are able portray the story of Rome’s timeless beauty.

Visit the online gallery

Visit the site to learn more about the art of mosaic with images, documents, interviews and the complete catalog of all the mosaics on sale in the two Rome locations of the gallery, (Largo del Colonnato, 5 and Piazza della Minerva 72), with the measurements, the materials used and the form to request information about each works.