Set of religious Medals and Crosses

St.Peter’s Gallery is offering a set of medals and crosses of different sorts, in order to meet the aesthetic taste of all faithful.
The offer is really wide involving several styles and materials. It is valorised by an approach to the design which, in respect of the devotional significance, rewards the aesthetical concept without falling into vanity.

The range inludes expensive and less expensive rosaries, starting from essential to elaborate styles. The set of devotional medals and crucifixes represents the perfect gift to a devotee and to those who wish to express their religiosity by showing good looking and functional articles. Some of the items, indeed, are made of grains of different colours according to the mistery they represent, thus facilitating the enunciation of the rosary itself.

Take a look at the below mentioned offer so you can choose the rosary which best fits to your taste or to the taste of the person receiving such a gift.