Medals and Crosses

Medals and Crosses

St. Peter’s Gallery proposes a wide assortment of Holy images made of materials of different kinds, even precious ones: gold, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum and so on. It’s possible to visualize all the
sacred objects which include pendants, coins, medals, crosses and rings manufactured for the rosary.

As far as Medals are concerned, you may find several patterns, of different colours and sizes. Votive medals may have a ring through which a thin chain would pass, or could be pinned to the dress with
a brooch. Normally medals are duplex: there is an image in the front while the back side may contain another image or an explanatory text.

Medals are sacred objects ideal as a gift on important religious occasions: Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and other special moments to be remembered, such as a Jubilee.

The devotional medals of St. Peter’s Gallery potray all the most important sacred images. The medal portraying the Virgin Mary calls to our attention Her presence and Her motherly love is a symbol of protection, faith and devotion. The Sacred Heart medal, depicting Jesus and His heart surrounded by flames and thorns, represents a call to pity and mercy. The St. Francis of Assisi (patron of Italy) medal shows the Saint holding the Crucifix and displaying the stigmata as a devotion symbol.

On St. Peter’s Gallery you’ll visualize all the other available devotional medals and the sacred crosses.
The votive medals and the chain crosses should be worn every day so as not only to remind the faithful of christian values to be protected and spread out all over the world but also in order not to forget the divine love protecting and watching over the believers.