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The cross represents, to christian devotion, the iconographic symbol par excellence. The cross holds a core position in the production of sacred art. St. Peter’s Gallery offers many models made of different colours, sizes and materials. According to the client’s requests, crosses can be enamelled, carved out of wood, of stone, made of plastic or glass. The cross reminds us of God’s love and how much suffering He went through to save us. Therefore a fundamental symbol to be worn so as to we never forget christian values and the devotion to Jesus Christ, may also be worn as a pendant shaped as a Tau. The crucifix iconography dates back to the first engravings found in the catacombs and goes on and on in the centuries to come. Its representation ranges from works of the most artistic and historical value to simple popular expressions of devotion during religious holidays. Crucifix undergoes a significant evolution during the Middle Ages when it establishes itself as an essential icon of faith in Christ: during those times important wooden crucifixes were manufactured as well as paintings depicting Christ on the Cross. Those works were going to affect all following representations (arms forcibly stretched over the Cross, crossed legs over the feet pierced by one nail, a reclined and
suffering head crowned with thorns).

St.Peter’s Gallery provides a wide variety of crosses, from the plain and inexpensive ones to the more original and valuable models

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