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Confirmation: the perfect gift for a sacrament of awareness

Confirmation is one of the most mystical and full of spirituality sacraments. The candidate for confirmation has by now reached, or is going to reach adulthood and thanks to a renewed awareness, decides once again, to consecrate his life to the Lord, to further confirm his participation to the christian community.

It is an importat event and must be remembered as such. To do so, nothing better than a themed article. We are not talking about objects that could inspire vanity but about symbols of religiosity, apt to express, even through an artistic attitude, a personal devotion and a way of being christian and catholic.

Also from this point of view St. Peter’s Gallery proposes very interesting, and above all, various items. They are for all tastes: from rosaries to necklaces with medal, from holy paintings to icons, from crucifixes to pendants.