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Holy communion: items for a perfect gift

As a fundamentally important sacrament Holy Communion highlights the moment for a definitive approach between the individual and the Lord. It represents an essential step which completes the path started by Baptism.

Not by chance it is an event remembered by children with more vividness and emotion.

First Communion is also one of the most celebrated sacraments. The religious service is always followed by the traditional family party often extended to the closest friends. This is salso the reason why this sacrament is considered as a moving and cheerful event.

St. Peter’s Gallery offers a wide selection of articles intended to celebrate and remember the First Communion day for the future. The offer consists of bonbonnière accessories and gift items dedicated to the guest of honour. You will find very beautiful small rosary crowns, rosaries, prayer bracelets. You’ll find something for everyone, so take a look at the models and choose the items you or the concerned persons like the best.