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St. Peter’s Gallery proposes a wide range of items connected to Sacraments marking the most important moments of christian’s lives: Baptism, Holy Communion, Confession, Confirmation and Matrimony must be remembered in the best possible way by items comprising the deep religious meaning and the emotions felt during the ceremony.

Baptism is the first Sacrament received by small children: parents and relatives live this event with great emotions: you’ll find here everything apt to best celebrate it through small souvenirs and religious gifts as painted Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus or Guardian Angel.

To celebrate First Communion, the Sacrament giving a full rights entrance into the christian community, St. Peter’s Gallery has selected a variety of sacred objects for small boys and little girls, small rosary crowns and many gift ideas to be kept as souvenir.

In order to celebrate the First Holy Communion –  sacrament through which one enters with full rights into the christian community –  st. Peter’s Gallery selected a variety of sacred items meant for young boys and young girls, little rosary crowns along with many original gift ideas to be cherished as a souvenir.

First Confession or Penance is another fundamental step in the path toward religious growth: as such it must be remembered for its spiritual significance: a gift such as a prayer bracelet, a rosary or a medal may be considered as appreciated gifts to be cherished as a souvenir of an significant event.

Confirmation establishes an even deeper bond to religion and to the Church, helping the faithful in testifying to the world his faith in Christ. In order to best celebrate Confirmation you’ll find here precious mementos, pendants, rosaries and several different items to remember this fundamental step in the path of religious growth.

To honor Matrimony, the sacrament celebrating the union and ratifying the inception of a new christian family, St. Peter’s Gallery recommends wedding rosaries and everything else necessary to best celebrate this important Sacrament.