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Murano’s glass Crucifixes

St. Peter’s Gallery puts up for sale beautiful Murano’s glass crucifixes. Without fear of denial they can be considered real jewels. They therefore represent an excellent way of sanctifying the Lord or to express the personal devotion through two noble concepts: beauty and art. Where beauty and art do not stand as deriving from vanity, they are on the contrary the purest expression of God’s creative power.

Murano glass crucifixes shown in St. Peter’s Gallery represent wonderful gift articles for oneself or other people, fit as they are to impact on the space identity within which they are placed. They represent a perfect synthesis between art and religiosity, between the will of expressing beauty and the will to express and make your own devotion visible to everyone.

Please take a look at our Murano’s crucifixes and choose the one that impresses you the most due to
its expression, aesthetic pureness or style.

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