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Although unknown to many people, Ostensory is one of the most important liturgical religious objects. It is required during every service where the Eucharistic service id performed. In short, this object hosts the Eucharist, thus allowing to show it to the faithful so that they worship it.
Being a worship object, it’s indispensible that it should express, at a symbolic level, the power of the christian message, the strength descending from the Eucharistic sacrament which symbolizes the union between believers and God. This is the reason why the Ostensory must be valuable also from the aesthetical point of view.

St. Peter’s Gallery, well aware of the role performed by this article in christian liturgy, makes available superb Ostensories apt to express a high aesthetic value all the way to craftsmanship and art. All Ostensories on sale represent a perfect union between beauty and spirit, a perfect synthesis between religious and artistic elements.